Security Doesn't Come Without Guidance

Difference between Cryptocurrencies coin and Crypto Tokens.

Introduction (Cryptocurrencies) This article I will discuss in details about the difference between cryptocurrencies and Crypto Tokens. As we all know how bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are crossing milestone one by one. There are approximate 1324 different type of cryptocurrencies… Continue Reading →

Countering Cyber Terrorism: Public-Private Partnership Need of the Hour

Counter Terrorism  Undoubtedly, the United Nations (UN) has truly not been engaged completely to serve as a platform for counter terrorism dialogue. Even now, the nature of the UN structure and the sovereign will of nation-states are yet to converge… Continue Reading →


FORK BOMB  FORK BOMB (also called WABBIT OR RABBIT VIRUS) is equivalent to a denial-of-service attack on your own system .it aims at depriving the system off its RAM (Random Access Memory ), leaving none for vital action required to keep the… Continue Reading →

Van Eck Phreaking- A Hack Using E-Radiations

Van Eck Phreaking- A Hack Using E-Radiations Van Eck phreaking is a form of eavesdropping in which special equipment is used to pick up side-band electromagnetic emissions from electronics devices that correlate to hidden signals or data for the purpose of… Continue Reading →

Introduction To E-Shoplifting

Introduction  To E-Shoplifting The word shoplifting also known as (boosting or Five finger discount) means the art of stealing goods from a retail establishment as opposed to burglary or robbery.  In the world of cyber, the term e-Shops refer to the… Continue Reading →

How To Fight Footprinting?

How to Fight Footprinting Place offline any information that has the potential to identify and compromise (By footprinting)  your organization’s security such as access to business plans, formulas, and proprietary documents. to secure data from footprinting attack. Determine the level… Continue Reading →

Basic Steps On System And Network Security

Nonstandard ports and port hopping (network security). Evasive applications are one of the key factors leading to the demise of traditional port-based firewalls. However, traditional IPS and threat products also rely heavily on port to determine which signatures or analysis… Continue Reading →


Why is mobile a tool of crime ? The creativity and Innovation of the great master Sir Martin Cooper has made a drastic change in the current generation of the world’s most interactive beings. Mobile phones in today’s world have… Continue Reading →

Cyber Crime Investigation

Cyber Crime Investigation is the collection, analysis and Investigation of digital evidence and cyber trails. These digital evidence and cyber trails may be found in Computer hard disks, cell phones, CDs, DVDs, pen drives, Computer networks, the Internet etc.  … Continue Reading →

Domain Name System & DNS Caching

Domain Name System DNS is a distributed database that contain mappings of DNS domain names to data. It’s also a protocol for transmission control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) networks, defined by the Requests for comments (RFCs) that pertain to DNS…. Continue Reading →

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